Monday, April 16, 2012


Dear airport x-ray machine manufacturer, the people who bought it, the people who installed it, and the people who trained TSA employees how to use it. You suck. You are not protecting people. You are getting them sick. This is why you suck.

Unless of course, the above mentioned are out to cure cancer. Then bravo. Thanks for the free radiation treatment.

TSA is x-raying crew members carrying a badge. Seriously? Are flight attendants a threat to airport security? Nothing like getting a shot of radiation before I get another shot of radiation (during the flight). Even if you are in uniform, if you're pass riding, you are likely to get a x-ray.

Shoe stores used to carry machines that provided x-rays for their customers for a proper fitting shoe until they realized that radiation causes permanent heart, lung, and skin damage. Heck, it kills cancer!! Perhaps it's the same manufacturer.

Any thought? Would love to hear them.

Purser Liz