Saturday, September 25, 2010

chicken or pee pee chicken

Dear Purser Liz,

What should we do when we have a 93 yr old man come into the galley and start unbuttoning his buckle and proceeding to try and pee on the meal cart! We were lucky enough to get him into the bathroom, where he stood up sleeping for the next 20 minutes. He finally started to come alive in the next hour, after we found out he had taken 3 sleeping pills! Yikes!


Dear Sky Goddess Kalenajeana-

You handled it like the Sky Goddess you are!! I am just grateful that he came alive or else you would have to fill out a report. This being said, I can understand why an elder would want to pee on our over priced (the price of a meal at Coco's), credit card only (seniors don't have credit cards only senior discount cards) "meal". He should be at home eating a cookie making racist remarks and watching WWII movies.

See ya' on the red-eye,
Purser Liz


  1. Thank you Sky Goddess Kate! Please send me any questions you may have. I'm here to help.