Monday, September 27, 2010

Could you heat this up in your microwave?

Could you heat this up in your microwave?
-Miss Understood.

Dear Miss Understood,

First of all, please address me by "Purser Liz" as in "Dear Purser Liz" and "Thank you for your time Purser Liz". I believe you are not miss understood, just rude. We do not have microwaves on the plane. We have industrial sized Betty Crocker Easy Bake ovens that are for heating up our Betty Crocker Easy Bake passenger meals. I recommend you bring a meal that does not require cooking and more of my time Miss Understood and no we do not have utensils. Perhaps you can shove your meal into a baby bottle and we can fill an airsick bag with hot water to heat up your meal. If you must have your meal heated up in a microwave, you always have the option of bringing your own microwave and heating it up at the airport terminal before boarding the plane.

See ya' on the red-eye,
Purser Liz


  1. Dear Purser Liz - You've got it easy in your current Flight Attendant serving days. In 1958, UAL Stewardess me was asked by passenger Elizabeth Taylor to please heat up some dog food for her Shi Thu (sp) puppy who she had snuck onboard in a giant, flowered-straw tote bag. (This was the era when pets were supposed to be shipped in crates in the cargo hold.) I did, but her dog yapped all the way from LAX to IDL. Guess he/she got gas (??)

    Signed: Stewardess Marilyn

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  3. Dear Purser Liz--What do you think of the recent posting to YouTube by a passenger who shot video of Cebu Airlines flight attendants dancing to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry while doing their pre-flight safety demonstration?

    And would there be any chance you'd put up your own version of the safety rules from one of your live shows, if such is not on YouTube already?

    Thank you for your time, Purser Liz.

  4. I do have some video footage of safety demos from my shows. I'll be happy to post them on youtube. I'll keep you posted and give you my Cebu Airline critique . -Purser Liz